Today’s Must-Watch: Aerial Photography of Kulangsu.… Kulangsu From The Sky


It is always emphasized that Kulangsu is a small island packed with cultural heritage, but as small as it is, it would take days to visit every single monument, fascinating building, statue, institution, and natural sight, as well as to learn about them all. Almost every single corner and alley of this beautiful island represents a monumental historical spot, a fascinating architectural landmark, or a jaw-dropping piece of natural heaven that you shouldn’t miss out on when visiting Kulangsu. So, what better way to get a glimpse of Kulangsu’s beauty than from an aerial perspective? Join us on this mesmerizing imaginary helicopter ride and take a peek at Kulangsu’s attractions, including those that may not be seen from the ground.

Who would’ve thought that Kulangsu could look even more beautiful? In this presentation of Kulangsu from the air, we can see some of the biggest attractions of the island, as well as the most important historical sights and buildings captured. The video highlights the Sunlight Rock overlooking the entire island, Bagua mansion, Huang Family Villa, former residence of HSBC Bank, former American Consulate, former British Consulate, as well as the statue of Cheng Zhenggong — which is pretty much considered the symbol of the island.