Af­ter 25 years, star vi­o­list Jing plays with her lost Ku­lang­su Mu­sic School class­mates on na­tion­al re­al­i­ty TV


From the pro­duc­ers of “The Voice of Chi­na” come this nos­tal­gic sto­ry, which aired on “iDream of Chi­na,” a block­buster na­tion­al re­al­i­ty TV show that brings al­most every view­er to tears. The sto­ry be­gins when the renowned clas­si­cal vi­o­list and vi­o­lin­ist Jing Yang, who grew up on the fairy­tale south seas is­land of Ku­lang­su, “Pi­ano Is­land,” dis­cov­ers a dusty old pho­to of her­self at age 8. The pho­to was tak­en with a group of Ku­lang­su Mu­sic School class­mates and teach­ers that she played one child­hood con­cert with, 25 years ago. Her dream is to find these lost friends af­ter a quar­ter-cen­tu­ry, and re-unite them to dust off their old in­stru­ments and play a con­cert together.

Jing’s mu­si­cal jour­ney to find her class­mates takes her around the world, to the doorsteps and graves of her most beloved teach­ers. The 20-minute seg­ment is full of heart­break and hope, laugh­ter and tears, and of course, beau­ti­ful clas­si­cal music.

The seg­ment kicks off with Jing shred­ding Vi­valdi’s “Sum­mer” on vi­o­lin at more than 180 beats per minute, and in the grand fi­nale, Jing what may be the most beau­ti­ful clas­si­cal ver­sion ever played of Ku­lang­su Is­land’s un­of­fi­cial theme song, “Waves of Kulangsu.”