We Bet You’ve Nev­er Seen This Ex­clu­sive Ku­lang­su Route! | New Year Spe­cial

We Bet You’ve Never Seen This Exclusive Kulangsu Route! | New Year Special

Would you like to start off the new year right and pam­per your­self with an ex­cit­ing, fun hol­i­day? We rec­om­mend an ex­clu­sive route which will al­low you to see Ku­lang­su in a whole new light!

Fam­i­ly road line: Ku­lang­su Na­ture Tour
Rec­om­mend­ed by: Liu Haisang

Liu Haisang is a re­searcher of the Sub­trop­i­cal Re­search In­sti­tute of Fu­jian Province, work­ing in the Xi­a­men Over­seas Chi­nese Sub­trop­i­cal In­tro­duc­tion Park in Ku­lang­su since 1992, and he is a fa­mous “tree ex­pert” in Ku­lang­su. In 1999, him­self and two pro­fes­sors of bi­ol­o­gy at Xi­a­men Uni­ver­si­ty con­duct­ed ex­pert sur­veys and re­search on the plant re­sources of the is­land. In 2013, he pub­lished a book, Ku­lang­su An­cient and Fa­mous Trees, which was al­so list­ed as a part of the Ku­lang­su’s World Cul­tur­al Her­itage se­ries.

Rec­om­mend­ed Route

The Na­ture Tour

  • Huang Rong Yuan Tang (Pan Ye Po Kwai)
  • No. 98 Fux­ing Road ( Ro­han­song An­cient Tree)
  • Gion (col­umn Arau­caria)
  • Zhonghua Road (431-year-old an­cient banyan tree)
  • Tian­wei Road, Xi­a­men Cus­toms Inspector’s Apart­ment, for­mer site (Tai­wan date palm)
  • Xinzhuang Gar­den (Tai­wan Cy­cad)
  • Yan­ping Park (Large Leaf Ma­hogany)
  • Xi­a­men Over­seas Chi­nese Plant In­tro­duc­tion Gar­den (Caribbean Aca­cia, Red San­dal­wood
  • Sun­light Rock Tem­ple (An­cient Man­go Tree)
  • No. 57 Nei’ao Road, Wul­ing Uni­ver­si­ty

Af­ter 25 years on Ku­lang­su Is­land, Liu Haisang was fa­mil­iar with every inch of Ku­lang­su’s land and knew all the flower and tree species that ex­ist­ed on this is­land.

Ku­lang­su ex­pe­ri­enced two so-called “plant mi­gra­tions”. The first one was or­ga­nized for the dec­o­ra­tion of the court­yard when a va­ri­ety of new plants from over­seas were shipped to the is­land and the oth­er was the in­tro­duc­tion of thou­sands of plant re­sources when the In­tro­duc­tion Gar­den was es­tab­lished in 1959.

Liu Haisang sees and de­scribes Ku­lang­su is a plant king­dom. A va­ri­ety of an­cient trees and tree species ex­clu­sive to Ku­lang­su are sym­bols and wit­ness­es of the his­to­ry of this is­land, car­ry­ing its in­deli­ble marks. It is safe to say that the breath­tak­ing na­ture of Ku­lang­su is an in­dis­pens­able part of its cul­ture and tra­di­tion.

We Bet You’ve Never Seen This Exclusive Kulangsu Route! | New Year Special

We Bet You’ve Never Seen This Exclusive Kulangsu Route! | New Year Special

The “plant trip” rec­om­mend­ed by Liu Haisang start­ed from Huang Rong Yuan Tang. The two leaves of the genus Psyl­lidia plant­ed in front of the vil­la are 106 years old. It is the old­est and the high­est round leaf of the sun­flower.

We Bet You’ve Never Seen This Exclusive Kulangsu Route! | New Year Special

Along the Fu­jian Road, there’s the Fux­ing Road which leads di­rect­ly in­to the Gar­den. Ac­cord­ing to Liu Haisang, the two big trees be­hind the stat­ue of Lin Qiaozhi are Nor­folk Arau­caria and colum­nar Arau­caria. The two trees were plant­ed by Deng Yingchao in 1984, sym­bol­iz­ing the char­ac­ter of Lin Da­fu Xi­uyi Gao­jie. Back in 1984, this was the on­ly sam­ple of the colum­nar Arau­caria in Chi­na, and it was there­fore very pre­cious. In the 98th court­yard of Fux­ing Road near Gion, there is al­so a 131-year-old Luo Han­song, which is al­so the “at­trac­tion” rec­om­mend­ed by Liu Haisang.

From Fux­ing Road to Zhonghua Road (right in front of the pub­lic toi­let) you’ll find a 431-year-old an­cient banyan tree which is def­i­nite­ly worth check­ing out. Liu Haisang al­so rec­om­mends see­ing a Tai­wanese date palm in the court­yard of the Xi­a­men Cus­toms in­spec­tor at Tian­wei Road, about 8.9 me­ters high – be­ing the high­est date palm in the world.

Be­sides the Tai­wanese cy­cads in the Xinzhuang Gar­den, you can al­so see the big leaf ma­hogany by the Yan­ping Park.

We Bet You’ve Never Seen This Exclusive Kulangsu Route! | New Year Special

In the Xi­a­men Over­seas Chi­nese Sub­trop­i­cal In­tro­duc­tion Park, a num­ber of rare ex­ot­ic plants can be found. Liu Haisang claims that the beau­ti­ful Caribbean aca­cia and red san­dal­wood are par­tic­u­lar­ly eye-catch­ing.

We Bet You’ve Never Seen This Exclusive Kulangsu Route! | New Year Special

From the sea­side, I en­tered the hin­ter­land of Ko­ji­ma again. There are two cen­turies-old man­go trees in Sun­light Rock Tem­ple and Yongchun Road, one 171 years old and the oth­er 181 years old, that lo­cals of Ku­lang­su are quite fa­mil­iar with. Peo­ple even plant­ed the Yongchun Road Man­go Tree, known as the “cof­fin tree foot”. Go­ing north­west and en­ter­ing Nei­jiao, Liu Haisang point­ed out a “do­mes­tic best” in the court­yard of No. 57 in Nei­jiao, the 156-year-old Wul­ing Dax­ie with a bust di­am­e­ter of 153 cm – the thick­est of the five largest in Chi­na.

We Bet You’ve Never Seen This Exclusive Kulangsu Route! | New Year Special

The 5‑year-long Res­cue Mis­sion of the Man­go Tree

Liu Haisang’s most im­pres­sive res­cue mis­sion of an­cient trees was in 2009 when the man­go tree of Sun­light Rock Tem­ple ex­pe­ri­enced a predica­ment – its leaves were all dry and dead, which could’ve eas­i­ly had fa­tal con­se­quences. As a re­sult, many tree ex­perts gath­ered in Ku­lang­su and per­formed an emer­gency res­cue. “The tree is not get­ting enough air, which caus­es the roots to rot, and what’s even more ter­ri­fy­ing is the ter­mite in­va­sion.”

Af­ter years of pa­tient man­age­ment and con­ser­va­tion, the man­go tree fi­nal­ly came to fruition in 2014. “This means we can con­firm that it has sur­vived!”, Liu Haisang in­formed hap­pi­ly, as he picked up man­go un­der the tree, in­di­cat­ing that it is now healthy and grow­ing well.

Em­bark on a spe­cial plant tour and wit­ness the de­vel­op­ment of this small is­land, packed with fas­ci­nat­ing an­cient sto­ries and an un­match­able rare flo­ra of Ku­lang­su.

We Bet You’ve Never Seen This Exclusive Kulangsu Route! | New Year Special

Text / Lin Lu­ran
Ed­i­tor / Tang Xiyan