Chris­t­ian Ceme­tery (Fan Zai Mu Yuan 番仔墓园)

There are four sep­a­rate ceme­ter­ies spread out around a sin­gle rolling hill in Nei Cuo Ao. All of them are beau­ti­ful, lush, mys­te­ri­ous, and over­grown with cen­turies’ worth of veg­e­ta­tion, and are well worth ex­plor­ing and photographing.

Christian Cemetery (Fan Zai Mu Yuan 番仔墓园)

Chris­tians were main­ly buried in the grave­yard near Anx­i­an Hall, es­pe­cial­ly Chi­nese Chris­tians who lived on Ku­lang­su. The ceme­tery was di­vid­ed in­to three ar­eas form­ing a tri­an­gle, with Anx­i­an Hall in the cen­ter, #1 ceme­tery group in front, #2 to the back and #3 on the side.

Christian Cemetery (Fan Zai Mu Yuan 番仔墓园)Most graves are dat­ed from the Qing Dy­nasty [1644–1912] and the Re­pub­lic of Chi­na pe­ri­od [1912–1949]. The ceme­tery is a win­dow up­on the his­to­ry of Chris­tian­i­ty on Kulangsu.