Shuzhuang Gar­den (Shu Zhuang Hua Yuan 菽庄花园)

Af­ter the Sino-Japan­ese War, the Qing gov­ern­ment ced­ed Tai­wan to the Japan­ese, and Tai­wanese mag­nate Lin Er­jia moved to Ku­lang­su with his fam­i­ly. In 1913, he built a gar­den on the slope of Kulangsu’s Caozai Hill and named the Gar­den af­ter his “cour­te­ous name” of “Shuzhuang,” which is pro­nounced sim­i­lar­ly in the South­ern Fu­jian Di­alect. The gar­den has two ar­eas. “Bushan” (Re­pair Moun­tain) was built in 1913 and “Cang­hai” (Hid­den Sea) was com­plet­ed on Lin Er­ji­a’s 44th birth­day in 1919, hence the name “Forty-Four Bridge”.

One tick­et gets you in­to both the Shuzhuang Gar­den and Pi­ano Museum.

Address:7 Gangza­i­hou Road, Gu­langyu Is­land, Sim­ing Dis­trict, Xi­a­men City, China